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gut-wrenching suspense
science fiction
a mind-bending science fiction stunner

The Radiance

On a warm September night…the transformation of the world begins. An extraterrestrial force of unknown origin is causing the minds of every living creature on Earth—from insects to human beings—to begin expanding at an astounding rate. No one knows when it will stop…or if it can be stopped.

Subtly chilling and utterly riveting, The Radiance concerns the effects of this unseen anomaly, focusing the story on two estranged brothers: industrialist Cale Walker, one of the richest men in the world, and his younger sibling Travis, a struggling farmer and former Army Special Operations combat officer.
As the devastating force begins to take its toll, behind the scenes Cale Walker assembles a secret task force he dubs the Radiant Project, a select assembly of the best minds in theworld who are asked to find a way to combat the phenomenon. Cale’s brother Travis is drafted for this crew to give his “everyman” take on things. Reluctantly he agrees, but soon finds himself running on an inside track, battling not only worldwide hopelessness, terrorism, and greed, but his own dark and cynical passions as well. As the effect intensifies, the former Ranger stumbles across its true origin, the discovery of which will lead to a radical rethinking of everything he thought he knew.

And it is here, in this strange new battlefield at the brink of Armageddon, the wounded warrior will find his hard-won skills being called upon one last time.

The Earth boils in The Radiance
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A science fiction stunner like non other.