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Mind Over Matter

Dr. Suess's birthday

I was going through some old stuff at my office, and came across a calendar I'd saved from last year (the picture on it's nice). Anyway, for some reason I'd marked off Dr. Suess's birthday (it's March 12th, by the way).

When our boys were small we had nearly all the books Theodore Suess Geisel had written ... and there were a lot. They loved them, and begged us to read them to them again and again. We did, until the covers were hanging in tatters.

The reason for this ramble is from here on out I'm going to try (try being the operative word) to inject more writing-related content into this blog from time to time. And how better to kick that off with a salute to man who, more than any other I know, first introduced my children to the wonderful world of the written word.

So in a belated tip o' the hat to the good doctor, here's a little poem I wrote to celebrate his natal day:

I'm glad they honor him with words.
Something less would be absurd.

His pictures too, are very nice,
Of hatted cats and long-tailed mice.

His books we find in many nooks,
Always worth a loving look.

Yeah, I know, pretty bad, but the sentiment is there. Happy birthday, Ted; may all your sneetches be star-bellied.
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