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Mind Over Matter

hello? is this thing on? :::tap-tap::: hello ...?

You know, there's a certain freedom in knowing no one is reading your blog. It's a little like you've been unshackled, and can blurt out any freaking thing you please.

I could say, for instance, that I enjoy eating cat food; that it's salty and chewy at the same time, with a piquant aftertaste, kind of like soft cashews. I don't eat cat food, of course (I prefer Purina Monkey Chow), but still I could say that, and who would know?

Or I could state that Manos: the Hands of Fate (yes, it's a real movie; look it up) is the greatest motion picture of all time, making Wuthering Heights or Citizen Kane in comparison look like your next door neighbor's ham-handed vacation videos. Those words simply would float off into the ether, never to be acknowledged.

Think I'm wrong about no one reading this? Prove it, and leave a comment! Tell what YOU would say if nobody was listening!*G*
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