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Mind Over Matter

Gravy, glorious gravy

Nothing writing-related this time. Just gravy, that wonderful substance that deserves a food group of its own.

In the eyes of a true Southerner it must be argued that potatoes in any form are really nothing more than a Gravy Transportation Medium (GTM). Any GTM that can hold a copious quantity of said gravy thus is a requirement for a Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter repast (or any repast, really).


In my own misspent youth, when the potatoes were gone I was known to slather two pieces of homemade cornpone with turkey gravy, let it sit and soak for a minute, and then eat the pone with a spoon. It died happy.


In truly dire circumstances, when even the pone had all disappeared, I'd simply upend the gravy boat into my gaping maw and swallow it in rapturous gulps (eliciting squeals of laughter from my younger brother and screams of dismay from my mom).


Fun times ...

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